Wine cabinets and wine bars installation in PAPA restaurant in Dubaï.



EuroCave partner of ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2023





After the contest in Antwerp, Belgium in 2019, the next edition will take place in Paris from the 7th to 12th February 2023. 34 years after the last contest held in France! No less than 3.500 professionals will join the amazing show and will take part of one of the most epic events of the whole hospitality world.


“We are going to live an exceptional moment allowing us to shine light on the sommelier profession, the wine sector but also the French art of living.”

About EuroCave & Sommellerie.

It was a foregone conclusion that EuroCave, creator of the wine cabinet and essential partner of the sommelier profession for over 10 years, would be a partner of the World’s Best Sommelier Competition. 2023 will mark a high point for the wine industry in France and around the world.

The competition is also a new opportunity for EuroCave to support hospitality around the world. This will take concrete form through technical support during the events with the provision of service cabinets. The wines tasted will thus be perfectly brought to temperature to offer the contestants optimal competition conditions.

About Best Sommelier of the World.

68 candidates coming from 65 countries: 65 association members of ASI, as well as 3 winners of continental contests, as « ASI Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa 2021», « ASI Best Sommelier of the Americas 2022», and « ASI Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania 2022».

The candidates will meet during 4 days of high-level tests, tasting, service tasks – all aimed at putting them in professional situations to test their skills and abilities.

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