Purchase of professional catering equipment and HORECA catering equipment: wine cellaring, large capacity conservation cellar, positive cabinet, natural cellar layout for hotel, restaurant, wine merchant, wine bar, design, robust, practical and functional.

Le Soufflot 2.0, Meursault, France






Storing wine






Quality and safety are the key words for wine storage cabinet.

Equip your store room with a wine cabinet suitable for heavy-duty use, to facilitate wine service and management.

Simplified management of wine references offered on the menu thanks to this double aging wine cabinet which allows wines to be kept safely while respecting wine conservation criteria.

La Marine, Sète, France

Storage quality.

Effective wine storage is key. 
It must be organized to avoid unnecessary handling of bottles and facilitate the management of references.



Our different wine cabinets for storage.

La Première

For simple, effective wine storage.

Solid door or glass door with handle


A customizable interior layout of your wine cabinet.

Single temperature
2 or 3-temperature with independant zones
Glass door with handle

Cellar layout.

The most suitable solution for storing a very large volume of wine.

Offer your customers an unforgettable wine drinking experience.

You are looking for a beautiful wine scenography.


An exceptional wine cabinet.

The finest wine maturing cabinet for your finest wines.

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