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The Crossing restaurant, Dubai, United Arab Emirates






Wine cabinets for serving wine






Offer your customers an unforgettable wine drinking experience.

Our ranges of wine cabinets and storage solutions bring together all the elements you require: robust equipment, shelves that allow labels to be displayed, large storage capacity for a maximum number of bottles at an ideal serving temperature.


Your customers enjoy a glass of wine ready to be tasted, a detail which equates to high-quality service. Make wine a central part of the dining experience.


Sliding shelf for easy access to bottles with presentation kit accessory to highlight your wine offering and generate customer interest.

Hotel, Thalasso & SPA Valdys Resort, Douarnenez, France

The different uses of EuroCave service cabinets.


Fill your wine cabinet with all white OR all red wines and have bottles close to their ideal serving temperature.  

Wine cabinet which can be set from 5°C-20°C / 41°F-68°F.


Serve your red wine AND white wine at a perfect serving temperature.

Two separate temperature zones set between 5°C-11°C / 41°F-52°F for the cooling section and 15°C-20°C / 59°F-68°F for the red service section.


Simultaneously store different colours of wine and also champagne with 3 independent zones:

- Red service section which can be set from 15°C-22°C / 59°F-72°F,

- Storage section which can be set from 9°C-15°C / 48°F-59°F,

- Cooling section. Temperature determined by the temperature of the storage zone.


Store all your bottles at an ideal serving temperature in one same cabinet.

The temperature staggered over the entire height of the cabinet, from 5°C-20°C / 41°F-68°F allows you to separate a Bordeaux stored at the top of the cabinet, from a Pinot gris stored at the bottom of the cabinet.

Numerous accessories for storing wine bottles of all sizes and shapes. Here a service cabinet with warming bottles of champagne installed on a presentation shelf.

Make the difference.

Your wine lists and bottles will be perfectly showcased.

Our shelves are fixed to store and arrange a maximum number of bottles, or sliding to facilitate individual access to each bottle.

And because details are important, you decide whether your bottles are displayed upright, inclined, or flat and whether labels are visible or not...

Our serving cabinets' series.

La Première

Performance and simplicity.

3 sizes
4 doors


Storing, cooling, bringing your wine to room temperature, all this is possible.  

2 or 3-temperature with independant zones
3 sizes
4 doors


Move upmarket with a cabinet with outstanding aesthetics

2 sizes
3 doors


The finest wine cabinet for your finest wines.

One model

Champagne cabinet

Champagne must be stored in a cabinet which will display it beautifully.

2 sizes


Flush-fitting wine cabinets.

Our built-in or flush-fitting cabinets meet the layout and space constraints of your establishment.

You are looking for a large wine storage.

You are looking for a beautiful wine scenography.

Tête à Tête

The fine wine bar.

For offering your guests a special wine drinking experience in the privacy of their hotel room.

Our products in situ

Discover our most impressive installations.

A beautiful scenography around wine is essential to arouse desire and invite the customer to discover. We are proud to present you the most beautiful installations in restaurants, hotels,...

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