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How to apply for a job or placement with the EuroCave brand ?

We would be delighted to meet you. Please go to the "Careers" section. All job advertisements can be consulted online.

How to get to EuroCave's head office ?

EuroCave is a brand belonging to the EuroCave Group. The group's international head office is located in Villeurbanne, next to Lyon.12-14 avenue Dutrievoz, 69100 Villeurbanne.

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I want to sell EuroCave products. Who should I contact ?

Please complete the contact form available in the "Become a Distributor" section . This will allow your request to be automatically directed to the appropriate department.

Where can I find your cabinets ?

You can easily find your nearest outlet selling EuroCave products by clicking the "store" tab just at the top of our website. Enter your town, postcode or country.

We are present in almost 70 countries throughout the world via a network of exclusive stores or distributors.

How to choose your wine cabinet ?

How am I going to use my wine cabinet, where am I going to install it, what size cabinet will suit me, what capacity, what type of door, what internal layout?  To find the ideal wine cabinet, it is important to ask the right questions.

Consult our guide.

Do uses differ from one wine cabinet to another ?

A wine-maturing cabinet is a single-temperature cabinet that we recommend you set at 12°C. It allows you to mature your wine until it reaches its prime (storage >2 years). 

A wine-serving cabinet (storage and bringing wine to the correct temperature) allows you to bring champagne, red, white and rosé wine to an ideal serving temperature. (storage <2 years). There are several types: cabinets with 2 or 3 temperature zones and cabinets with a staggered temperature (temperature gradient from the top to the bottom of the cabinet).

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What are your commitments ?

To take care of wine, a half-finished product which only matures many years after it is purchased, in order to guarantee, by respecting the wine producer's intentions, optimal tasting conditions. But also, French manufacturing, durable products and excellent service.

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Where are your products made ?

All our products have been manufactured in our French factory, in Fourmies (59) in the Hauts-de-France region since we started out in 1976: design, quality control.

What type of products do you offer ?

We offer wine serving and storage solutions: cabinets for maturing, storing, bringing wine to the correct temperature, serving wine by the glass, wine dispensers and any products required for fitting out a wine area, from storage units to air-conditioning or even our cigar humidor. We also offer a range of accessories for maintaining your cabinet.

What does Origine France Garantie mean ?

This certification guarantees the origin of our products as well as transparency regarding traceability. The Origine France Garantie label is different from other labels such as "Made in France" or "Manufactured in France" which are self-declarations. This label is legally valid and certification is carried out by an independent body approved by the ProFrance association. 

To obtain the Origine France Garantie label for all of our cellar conditioners and wine cabinets, we have to meet 2 criteria : 
- Between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price of our products must be French, 
- The product's main features must have been created in France (i.e. it is manufactured or assembled in France, in our historic factory in Fourmies).

A team which is always available for you

A team which is always available for you

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A personal advisor provides advice

Throughout the entire process, an advisor will guide you and meet all your requirements.

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Secure, easy payment

Payment methods available : bank card and bank transfer.

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Suitable delivery

We take special care in delivering your orders.

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In-house customer service

We offer first-class customer service. It is in-house at our premises for optimal responsiveness.

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