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La Première






The fundamental wine storage cabinet by EuroCave.

When you buy a good wine, you have to know how to take care of it. Discover La Première, which will quickly become a must-have for wine lovers.







50 - 230 bottles
All bottle sizes

Country of production

Origine France Garantie label

Large size wine cooler equipped with sliding shelves with positioning of the bottle so that the label is visible. - La Première EuroCave







Simplicity and elegance








Discreet lighting.

A delicate white light to enhance your wines.




Wine coolers with white lighting to clearly see your bottles - La Première EuroCave
Shelves that slide on their support and allow you to pull them out and easily access the bottles stored at the back. Solid wood for extra strength.

Ease of use.

Flawless ergonomics thanks to a user-friendly control panel.




Wine cooler with choice of anti-UV doors: opaque/solid with black color insulation or glazed double glazing with a black aluminum frame.

An understated design.

A choice of 2 doors: black solid door or glass door with black frame. A stainless steel handle is also offered.


Useful modularity.

La Première offers many layout possibilities to best meet your serving and storing requirements. Change or add to your storage according to your requirements thanks to the multi-purpose beech shelf.

Solid wooden shelves that allow you to change storage mode as you wish: stack, store, display bottles of red, white or rosé wine.

Interior layout

Customizable layout.

In fixed or sliding version, this beech shelf can hold all types of bottles.  

Thanks to its system of "recesses", the bottles are securely held and you can store Burgundy bottles just as easily as Alsace or Bordeaux ones.  

It is then up to you to decide if you want to stack your bottles, arrange them horizontally or vertically, display the labels.

The shelves can be repositioned.  

In this way, you can change and add to your storage as required.

Solid wood storage shelf - sturdy shelf for storing wine bottles - capacity 72 bottles


72 bottles

Sliding shelf in solid wood - pull-out shelf to easily find the bottle of your choice - capacity 12 bottles


12 bottles

Presentation shelf to highlight the bottles by positioning them upright - capacity 28 bottles

Displayed vertically

28 bottles

Presentation shelf to highlight a bottle by positioning it with the label in front - capacity 9 bottles

Displayed horizontally

9 bottles

To increase your apartment's wine storage capacity, a good idea is to install 2 wine coolers side by side in your living room, cellar, mancave or garage.


Maturing or bringing wine to the correct serving temperature.

La Première wine cabinet can be used in several ways to suit your requirements.    


The single-temperature Première, which can be set from 6-18°C / 43-65°F, recreates the exact same conditions found in a natural cellar to mature your wines in the best possible conditions: controlled temperature, suitable humidity thanks the walls in embossed aluminium, constant ventilation, UV protection, extra protection from vibration owing to the actual design of the cabinet.   

Available sizes S, M and L


It has up to 10 temperature zones (temperature staggered from 5-20°C / 41-68°F) and allows you to store several colours of wine (rosé, white and red) in one single cabinet close to the ideal serving temperature.    

Available size L

When purchasing the wine cooler, you will have the choice between 2 functions, 4 doors and 3 sizes - La Première EuroCave range

Because choice is a luxury.

For all cabinets in La Première collection, it is possible to choose the size and door finish. With a high degree of customization possible, La Première also allows you to select and position the racking inside the cabinet according to your requirements.

Safety and performance

Peace of mind.

The display of the actual temperature and humidity inside your cabinet, together with 4 visual alarms, are there to warn you if something is not right. 


controlled temperaturecontrolled humidityUV-screened doortemperature alarmhumidity level alarmcharchoal filter alarm37dB noise emissionwintering function

Go one step further.

Additional information.

Our free-standing cabinets can also be flush fitted but there are certain rules that need to be followed, notably in terms of air circulation and electrical installation. We recommend that you contact your store and our wine experts for further details.

Installation of a wine cabinet in a professional premises, a cheese dairy and wine shop in Annecy for successful wine and cheese pairings.

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