Interior architecture - Several wine cellars integrated into a custom piece of furniture in an open kitchen creating a beautiful reception space. How to combine aging and service.  Inspiration EuroCave












Built-in wine cabinet to suit your home.

Inspiration is compact, it brings together discretion and elegance, so it is perfect for fitting inside a custom-made unit.  









29 - 89 bottles
All bottle sizes

Country of origin

Origine France Garantie Label

Living room bar area incorporating a large serving wine cooler built into the unit for perfect integration into the room.  Inspiration EuroCave

Elegantly complements your interior.

Clean lines, ergonomic curves for a recessed installation flush with the facade... Inspiration was designed to share space, whether in a kitchen or a living room.


Beautiful presentation of the bottles thanks to the integrated amber lighting and enhancement of the labels thanks to the presentation options offered by the premium shelf.  Inspiration EuroCave

All in the detail.

The air vents are invisible, handles disappear, the grip is subtle.

Make way for your precious bottles revealed by a delicate luminous ribbon.

Designed to enhance interiors.

Amber transparency with the glass or full glass doors.

Or minimalist design with a door which matches the elements of the unit it is built into.


Full Glass door, glass door with stainless steel frame, glass door with a technical frame or solid door with technical front panel.

Perfect integration of 2 large wine coolers in this luxury kitchen. The glass technical doors allow you to attach personalized joinery panels to match the furniture.  Inspiration EuroCave
The air vents of this designer wine cooler are so discreet that they become invisible and allow easy integration into the most sought-after interior decorations.  Inspiration EuroCave

Interior layout

Bottles are displayed.

Store or display, the choice is yours, since Inspiration allows you the freedom of choosing between three different shelf types.  

Serving drawer for storing wines upright. Convenient for keeping opened bottles and keeping them for a few days.


16 bottles

Sliding 6-bottle shelf for storing and classifying your wine collection. The presentation of the label highlights your finest wines.


6 bottles

Shelf for storing a large number of wine bottles of all shapes in your kitchen in the right conditions.


22 bottles

2 temperature zones to bring your wines to temperature and have bottles always available in your kitchen, ready to drink. 1 compartment for storing reds, 1 compartment for cooling whites, rosés or champagne.


Prolong the pleasure.

Don't think twice about opening a good bottle!

The 2-temperature Inspiration model is fitted with a vacuum sealing system to preserve an open bottle, for up to 10 days*.


*Depending on the type of wine and its vintage.

Keep your bottles of wine open for several days thanks to the vacuum system that preserves aromas and taste.  Inspiration EuroCave


Do you need to mature your wine or bring it to the correct temperature?

The Inspiration wine cabinet is offered with 3 temperature functions to best meet your requirements.  


Bring your wines gently to their prime. 

The single-temperature Inspiration model, which can be set from 5-20°C / 41-68°F, reproduces the exact same conditions found in a natural cellar : controlled  temperature, suitable humidity thanks the walls in embossed aluminium, constant ventilation, UV protection, extra protection from vibration owing to the actual design of the cabinet.

Available in size S, M and L


Wines served as close as possible to their serving temperature.

A compartment dedicated to white wine, which can be set from 6-11°C / 43-52°F and a compartment for red wine, which can be set from 13-18°C / 55-64°F.

Available in size M. Ideal for professionals or serious wine enthusiasts who are looking for good storage capacity, with wine at the right temperature.



Store, in one single cabinet, several wine colours close to their ideal serving temperature.

The multi-temperature Inspiration model offers several temperature zones (temperature staggered from 5-20°C / 41-68°F).

Available in size S

Range of 1-temperature, 2-temperature and multi-temperature wine coolers with a choice of 3 glass doors and a solid technical door, 3 sizes and 3 storage configurations. Inspiration EuroCave

Because choice is a luxury.

For all cabinets in the Inspiration collection, it is possible to choose the size and door finish. With a high degree of customization possible, Inspiration also allows you to select and position the racking inside the cabinet according to your requirements. 

Performance & safety

Let technology do the work for you.

For your peace of mind, the display of the actual temperature and humidity inside your cabinet, together with 5 visual and audible alarms, are there to warn you if something is not right. 

controlled temperaturecontrolled humidityUV-screened doorsensor fault alarmtemperature alarmopen door alarmcharcoal filter alarmhumidity level alarm37dB noise emissionvacuum sealingwintering functionlockflush-fittingbuilt-in5-year warranty  individual botlle support


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An invitation to share fine wines and discover new flavours.

Magnificent examples of installations of our wine coolers in the most beautiful interior decorations of houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels... lots of ideas for storing your bottles.

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