Champagne, a romantic drink par excellence, emblematic of the celebration, is traditionally tasted at all events (Christmas, New Year's Day, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, diplomas, etc.)






Sublime bubbles






A wine cabinet dedicated to displaying and serving champagne.

Champagne, the ultimate drink of seduction, must be stored at the correct temperature before serving and above all, it must be stored in a cabinet which will display it beautifully. Discover how EuroCave creates new moments of celebration around an iconic drink.









Origine France Garantie label

Bold champagne presentation.

Sparkling symbol of the French way of life, the champagne cabinet is exclusively dedicated to fine bubbles. 

EuroCave thought big. Nowhere else will you find such an effective cabinet in terms of display.

A champagne presentation shelf with a turntable based on the basin principle. - 8 bottles or 5 magnums

An elegant new way of serving champagne

Our champagne cabinet will turn your head.

Based on the principle of the ice bucket, this cabinet offers a unique and amazing shelf.

This shelf comprises a turntable on top of which elegant bottle supports in chrome-plated steel hold up to 8 bottles (75cl) or 5 magnums.

Unlike a champagne bucket, the shelf guarantees the precise temperature of the bottle, a real asset for tasting.

A state of mind

A new way of experiencing champagne.

Designed to store all shapes of champagne bottles* thanks to its specially designed slidding shelves, this cabinet is a bold homage to the originality of champagne houses and their heritage.


* concave bottom

A shelf on slides with supports specially designed for holding champagne bottles. - eurocave champagne cooler
Elegant lines, luxurious finishes with its iridescent leather sheathing and a gold colored front, the ultimate sophistication of the EuroCave Champagne cabinet.

A beautiful finish

Quite simply sublime.

The final detail, custom-made iridescent leather cladding.

The leather subtly covers the areas of the slidding shelves and "ice bucket" shelf the bottles rest on.

Enhancement of champagne bottles thanks to lighting effects in restaurants or in establishments where the party is in full swing such as bars, clubs or nightclubs.

Light effects.

With amber, blue or red lighting, the cabinet illuminates the room in which it is installed and fits in perfectly with any decor.

An invitation to drinking and conviviality with a touch of extravagence.

Photo of the eurocave champagne cellar in a black, white and gold decor. The class of black, the purity of white and the ostentatious luxury of gold.

Serving champagne.

Champagne is best served cold. The ideal serving temperature depends on the type of champagne and the tasting moment.

Single-temperature cabinet can be set from 5 - 12 °C / 41 - 54°F.

Performance & security

Bring your champagne to the correct temperature and indulge your tastebuds.

We reproduce the perfect conditions for storing and serving champagne. For your peace of mind, the display of the actual temperature inside your cabinet, together with 5 alarms, are there to warn you if something is not right.

controlled temperatureU.V.proofed glass doorcirculationanti-vibration systemsensor fault alarmtemperature fault alarmopen door alarm37 dB noise emission5-year warrantyhumidity level alarmindividual bottle support

Additional information.

Our "free-standing" cabinets can also be flush fitted but there are certain rules that need to be followed, notably in terms of air circulation and electrical installation. We recommend that you contact your store and our wine experts for further details.

Wine and cigar home station - wall cabinet created under the stairs in an architect's apartment with high-end interior decoration.

Prolong the experience

Discover the profiles of creative and influential personalities explaining their relationship with wine, the secrets of sommeliers or legendary establishments.

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