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Wine cellar air conditioner : control the atmosphere of your cellar.

INOA transforms a well-insulated room into a room dedicated to wine and entertaining.


25 m³ or 50 m³ 


1250Hx385Wx322D (mm) 


Fanned cold air


Origine France garantie Label


Temperature & humidity.

Stabilising the temperature of the room, renewing the air and stabilising the humidity level, the role of a cellar conditioner is key.

If you do not have a perfect cellar, the cellar conditioner is therefore essential for creating the conditions required for effective wine storage.

The Inoa cellar conditioner transforms any room or storeroom from 10 m³ ou 50 m³, into a wine cellar.


Single-piece conditioner.

The INOA cellar conditioner offers excellent temperature control in the room, suitable for optimal wine maturing.

It offers a stable, uniform temperature throughout the room, thanks to the principle of fanned cold air.

An evaporator blows cold air inside the room and a condenser expels warm air out.

INOA also captures humidity and redistributes it throughout the room, in this way, retaining the room's natural humidity. 


Temperature can be set from 9-15°C / 48-59°F.
Heating function according to external temperature.



INOA is designed to be attractive and easy to incorporate into a room, so that it does not spoil the environment in which it is installed.

There are many ways in which you can install your cellar conditioner: choose to place it on the outside or inside of the room to be conditioned, regardless of the thickness of the wall. The warm air outlet can also be directed in different ways: forward, to the right or to the left. 

The INOA conditioner also allows you to have control as close as possible to your bottles via a wireless remote control.


Dimensions H1,250 x W385 x D322 mm

Constant temperaturecontrolled humidityheating functionwireless remote controlfanned cold air

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