Sturdy metal wine cellar storage. The room becomes a glazed and air-conditioned wine tasting space. The most beautiful effect in your interior. - Modulo-X - eurocave












Modular metal wine rack : only imagination sets the limit.

Whether directly in your natural cellar or in a dedicated air-conditioned room, Modulo-X paves the way for designing and incorporating a tailor-made wine cellar in your interior.    



Black painted steel




1.15 - 3.40m
440mm and 750mm

The advantages

Integrated lighting
Wall or ceiling mounting

Beautiful display of wines with this designer black metal storage and its overhead shelves with individual bottle holders.

Create the wine cellar of your dreams.

Modulo-x is fully customizable in terms of storage and their layout. 

Understated and light, the aluminium structure allows all layouts, fastened to the wall or ceiling (max. 3,40m).


Endless possibilities are available to you.

Your wine wall can be created in linear, corner or island version depending on the criteria of the room to be fitted out.

Interior architecture - Design of wine showcases. Example: wine storage installed around a pillar in the center of the room.
Backlit wine cellar storage in black metal to showcase your most beautiful bottles.

The art of displaying your wine.

Backlighting fitted over the entire height of the installation and a cleverly designed bottle presentation, Modulo-X is designed to effectively display your wine.

Dream wine cellars - Example of creating a wine display case built into the wall of a contemporary and luxurious interior with a marble kitchen island.

Wine library.

For wine enthusiasts collecting wine, the ideal is to own a cellar, as they have in the best restaurants.

Solid metal wine cellar shelf with large capacity for storage and bottle storage.
Wine storage shelves with integrated lighting (optional) and numerous possibilities for displaying bottles.
The presentation of the inclined bottles allows you to highlight your most beautiful labels.

Showcase your wine.

You will spend many hours organising your wine, thanks to the different bottle display options offered.

Wooden presentation tray to display your most beautiful bottles or your wine accessories in your cellar.
Overhead wine storage with several types of shelves that offer several storage and presentation possibilities.
Solid wine storage shelves in steel and black aluminum, modular, adjustable height, wall or ceiling mounting.

First sight.

To simplify the process of ordering your wine, bottle identification strips are attached to the shelves.


A modular shelf system.

Aesthetics meets practicality. Detachable and repositionable, our patended Main du Sommelier bottle supports adapt to all bottle shapes including Riesling, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and Magnums. 

Straight and corner trays, for presenting your accessories and wine cases.

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Our brand ambassadors support you from the study of your layout drawings to advice about your thermal study.

Air-conditioned wine areas

Renewing the air, stabilising the room temperature and humidity levels, cellar conditioners play a vital role.

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