Black steel wine racks for storing wine - Large volume of wine to store - Many bottle storage and display options. modulosteel eurocave












Customizable steel wine rack.

A wine storage system which can be customized in several ways. Modulosteel is made up of independent modules which can be combined to suit your requirement. Give an industrial style to the storage of your wines.


Black painted steel


Wall mounting


520 or 720mm

2000 or 1160mm

The advantages


Complementary accessories

Modern wine cellar layout. Create a professional tasting area in your store to let your customers taste your wines. Modulosteel EuroCave wine storage system

Restaurant Waterproef, The Hague, Netherlands







Contemporary storage.








Set of sturdy modular metal shelves to create a wine cellar with a large capacity for storage and bottle storage. Here presented as a base unit.


System of modular shelves.

Modulosteel can be assembled in endless ways thanks to its modules, which are fastened to each other. Adjustable at mid-height, it adapts to vaulted or low ceilings.

- Single-depth storage,
- 17 storage levels,
- 2 widths for even more modularity (520mm or 720mm).

Do you want a glass wine cellar in your home, in the living room or in the basement? Industrial style for a contemporary design?


Personalized wine furniture.

You can complete your Modulosteel structure with different accessories:

- Unit with 6 sliding shelves,
- Sliding shelf to store a wooden case of wine,
- Tray.

Solid steel and numerous accessories such as wooden boxes, sliding racks for wine boxes, storage trays.
Specialized wine furniture: robust with materials that resist humidity and individual supports to protect the bottles from vibrations.

Bottle holder

Mains du Sommelier.

Bottles stored lying down or inclined bottle display, the choice is yours!

Aesthetics meets practicality with the patented Main du Sommelier bottle supports which can be repositioned and suit all bottle shapes including Riesling, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne or even magnum.


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Air-conditioned wine areas

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