Wine cellar air conditioning - Stable temperature and humidity - Create a perfect wine room for storing and aging wine.












Water-cooled split conditioner for wine cellar: compact dimensions for small spaces and windows.

With its understated design and quiet operation, Tahoma is perfect for including in all your custom-made projects and puts all the focus on your bottles.


2m³ - 20m³


Internal unit
H295xW693xD310 mm

External unit
H706xW452xD334 mm 


Split water cooled
2 units
Chilled water circuit



Custom air-conditioned wine area. Example of making a glass wall display case in a luxury kitchen. Elegant interior architecture.


The optimal conditioning solution.

The Tahoma conditioner is designed to create and maintain ideal conditions for storing and maturing your wine. Because it ensures a constant temperature and retains humidity, your wines mature in optimal conditions throughout the year.

Temperature setting is 4 - 18°C.

Three operating speeds to optimise the balance between power, volume and noise level.

Compact wine cellar air conditioner - water split technology - small size and free standing for easy installation to fix or place in a piece of furniture or a shelf.

Water-cooled split technology.

As its name suggests, a split conditioner is made up of 2 elements. An external unit comprising the motor which is located outside the area to be conditioned in an adjoining room or one further away (up to 16 m away). An internal unit which blows air into the area to be conditioned.

This technology, together with the understated design and small size of the internal unit, makes the Tahoma conditioner discreet.

Dimensions H295xW693xD310 mm internal unit
Dimensions H706xW452xD334 mm external unit

Remote control.

The temperature and humidity can be set and displayed remotely via the wireless remote control, supplied with the appliance.

Wine cellar air conditioner with remote control for remote adjustment of temperature and humidity in the room.
The good idea: create an air-conditioned wine space under the stairs in a custom-made piece of furniture. Space saving and high-end interior decoration.


Every wine cellar is unique, which is why the Tahoma conditioner offers different fitting options to offer maximum flexibility.

Small wine cellar air conditioner in glossy black design, water split system. Compact for easy installation attached to the wall or placed on the floor.

The choice of air outlet direction allows you to fasten the conditioner to the wall at the top or bottom of the area to be fitted out, but also allows you to fit it on a shelf according to your constraints and aesthetic goals.

We recommend that you have this appliance installed by a professional in order to ensure that the installation is compliant. The expertise of a professional also allows you to check the insulation of your space and determine the correct power for your appliance.


A humidifier kit allows you to control the supply of water and ventilation according to the actual humidity level inside your cellar. In order to make fitting your conditioner as simple as possible, we offer a wall bracket and drain pump.

Available in accessories.

controlled temperaturewireless remote controlsmall sizetwo-year guaranteecooling capacity 440W


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