How can you protect your wines during summer heat?



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How can you protect your wines during summer heat?



Wine is particularly sensitive to large temperature variations.

Premature ageing, oxidation, light-struck taste, etc. When exposed to extreme heat, the nature of the wine itself could be affected. For this reason it is essential to protect your wines.

What are the negative effects of heat on your wines?

The cork is very elastic. Under the effect of heat, the cork dries out and retracts thus allowing air to pass through. There is a risk your wine will oxidise and certain aromas that are not very pleasant on the palate will take precedence over other aromas.

We all know that light and wine do not go well together. When wine is exposed to light, there is a risk it will lose its aromatic richness. This is what is known as the light-struck taste or light strike. It is caused by a chemical reaction which develops from small molecules with the smell of cabbage.


So don’t wait any longer to protect your wines!


Protect your wines during the summer following simple tips.

Tip n°1

Store your wines in a place at constant temperature, neither too cool nor over-heated.

Tip n°2

To prevent the cork drying out and the wine oxidising, opt for suitable humidity of between 70% and 75%.

Tip n°3

Finally, darkness or anti-UV protection will prevent the degradation of the tannins in your wines.

EuroCave solutions for optimal protection.

An air-conditioned wine cellar or an electric wine cabinet is the best possible environment in which to protect your wine from summer heat and temperature variations throughout the rest of the year. In fact, these solutions adhere perfectly to the 6 golden rules of wine storage:


Constant temperatureSuitable humidityAnti-UV protectionAn anti-vibration systemA system of permanent aerationSuitable shelving


Otherwise, it is necessary to ensure that the room in which you store your wine is well insulated and brings together these wine ageing criteria. The ideal is to install a wine cellar air conditioner which will maintain a stable temperature and humidity throughout the year and will protect your wines from both heat and cold.

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