Where can I find the serial number of my EuroCave product? (wine fridge, air conditioning, wine preservation machine and wine dispenser)





Easily find your serial number





Why give our customer service the serial number of your EuroCave appliance’s ?

The serial number is a unique reference which allows our customer service teams to accurately identify your product. Giving us your serial number therefore facilitates and speeds up processing of your request.


This way our expert advisors are able to trace the history of your product, including its date of manufacturing, guarantee period, any previous claims, and any other relevant information.

Compatibility of spare parts.

If your product requires spare parts, the serial number ensures that the parts are compatible with your specific model. EuroCave undertakes to make spare parts available for a minimum of 11 years, depending on the product.


By providing your product’s serial number, you are therefore helping to optimise the efficiency and accuracy of the support provided by our customer service when answering your questions or resolving your issue.

Where is my product’s serial number located?

It is printed on a special grey label, the location of which varies according to the type of appliance.

EuroCave wine coolers and cabinets

Wine cabinet

Cigar humidor

Tête à Tête

-> inside your appliance, on the bottom right-hand side.

EuroCave wine cellar air conditioner

Cellar conditioner

-> underneath the appliance

Professional wine serving machine

Wine serving solutions

Vin au Verre 8.0 and Wine Bar 8.0

-> inside the left-hand compartment on the left wall

Wine Bar 2.0

-> at the back of the appliance

Wine Art

-> under the appliance after removing the condensate drip tray

You will find your serial number just below the barcode, after the letters "S/N" or the reference “Number


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Our product guarantees


All our products are guaranteed for 2 – 10 years (depending on the model). Your product’s contractual guarantee is indicated on your purchase invoice. Our spare parts are guaranteed for 6 months.

EuroCave is committed to combatting planned obsolescence


We undertake to maximise availability of our standard spare parts.


Customised support


Based in Great-Britain, our customer service supports you throughout the lifetime of your EuroCave product.

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