Wineandbarrels A/S

Wineandbarrels A/S

Official EuroCave retailer, Fredericia, Denmark

As a local EuroCave distributor, we take pride in providing you with personalised support, whether you want to see our wine cabinet collections or take advantage of our advice on fitting out a wine space. Contact us.

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EuroCave, a French way of life

We create new ways of experiencing, storing, serving and sharing wine.

Contact details Vejlevej 60
7000 Fredericia - Denmark
+45 71 99 33 44

Hours Monday : 10am to 6pm
Tuesday : 10am to 6pm
Wednesday : 10am to 6pm
Thursday : 10am to 6pm
Friday : 10am to 6pm
Saturday : 10am to 2pm
Sunday : closed

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Sofie Møller

Your key contact

Sofie Møller
Showroom Manager

+45 44141413

At your service

Listening to the requirements of the most discerning wine lovers, such as professionals, being present in all places to act as a link between wine producers and lovers of fine wine, these are the promises we keep every day thanks to our network of experts.

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We prefer planned durability to planned obsolescence. EuroCave helps you to pass on your heritage and passion.

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French excellence.

EuroCave has been certified with the prestigious Origine France Garantie and Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant labels, which reward excellence in French industrial and hand-crafted expertise.

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