Valentine’s Day: the ideal time for sharing a good wine.



Valentine's Day: the ideal time to share a good wine while pairing it with well-chosen dishes.

In February love is in the air ... 

Valentine's Day is another occasion to share a tender moment with your partner. To make this evening even more unforgettable, why not taste a good wine by combining it with well-chosen dishes.

Discover how to make your evening sublime, whether you are organising a three-course dinner, exquisite pre-dinner drinks or a delicate sweet moment.  

Complement your Valentine’s Day dinner with carefully selected wines.

For a romantic meal choose a wine which goes well with the atmosphere and sublimates the flavours of the dinner you are going to enjoy.

For an elegant ambiance choose a dry white wine, such as a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc, which will pair perfectly with shellfish or chicken.

A Merlot or a Pinot Noir, with complex flavours and a beautiful structure on the palate, will richly highlight meat for an elegant moment.

Finally the Champagne, the seductive drink par excellence, will provide a sparkling touch to your evening. 


The art of service and presentation.

Champagne should be stored at the proper temperature before tasting. Each vintage will call for its own temperature settings.

Compose a sharing platter which will be the prelude to a romantic Valentine’s Day evening.

A carefully prepared platter with fine charcuterie, mature cheeses and some fresh fruit is the ideal start to a Valentine’s Day evening.

To accompany this exquisite appetiser a sparkling wine such as Prosecco Cristallo, a Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc, or a Côtes-de-Provence rosé would be totally appropriate.


To prepare your wines for testing.

Our service wine cabinets will set your bottles to the perfect temperature.

Living room bar with a eurocave wine cooler integrated into a piece of furniture

Enjoy a delicate sweet moment with a wine and chocolate pairing.


Take your inspiration from the timeless combination of wine and chocolate to create a delicious atmosphere. Prepare home-made pastries, go to your favourite chocolate shop or order a pastry chef dessert to provide a sweet touch to your evening.

A velvety red wine like a Carbernet Sauvignon will pair beautifully with dark chocolate. A sweet liqueur wine such as Port will make magnificent sense with milk chocolate.

The art of entertaining is also the art of detail. Bringing your wines to temperature will make all the difference.

The service temperature of the wine is important so that its flavours can be fully appreciated. It is therefore important to serve your wines at the right temperature, so that the tasting experience of your Valentine’s Day evening reaches its full potential.  

Red wines are generally served between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius, whereas white wines are served between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius.

Obviously the wine cabinet is recommended to bring your wines to temperature. A service cabinet will enable you to store your various colours of wine as close as possible to their tasting temperature. Wine cabinets that are multi-temperature or have 2 to 3 temperature zones are ideal.

The sweet pleasure of enjoying a food and wine pairing for two.

Our 12-bottle Tête à Tête wine bar adjusts and preserves the temperature of your opened bottles

Valentine’s Day is not just a date in the calendar. Above all it is a shared moment.

To make this evening unforgettable, don’t forget our 3 tips:

  • Take your partner’s tastes into account and surprise him or her. 
  • The wine you select must pair with the meal to create a flavour harmony. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your wine merchant to find the wines which will be most suitable for your tastes and your menu.
  • Serve the wine at the correct temperature. The service temperature of the wine is important so that all its flavours can be fully appreciated.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all wine lovers

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