A built-in wine cooler under the worktop of a contemporary black kitchen in an apartment like a mini fridge. Compact EuroCave












No need for large amounts of space with this built-in wine cabinet.

The flush-fitting wine cabinets in the Compact collection fit perfectly into kitchens since their dimensions are determined by kitchen designers.







38 - 167 bottles
All bottle sizes

Country of production

Origine France Garantie label

Two small built-in wine coolers in a kitchen island of a private house (a service wine cooler and an aging cabinet). Compact EuroCave

Quick and easy to flush fit.

Our small wine cabinet in the Compact collection is specifically designed to be flush-fitted, so they have optimal ventilation of your appliance.  

Flush fit your cabinet in complete confidence, with no compromise on your wine's storage.


1-temperature built-in wine cellar with technical door allowing the same front panel to be fixed as the kitchen furniture boxes. Compact EuroCave

Perfect harmony.

Compact is available with full glass door or glass door and black frame or can be completely concealed behind a door which matches the kitchen units, for a minimalist design.

The art of entertaining.

Compact fits perfectly under a work top and in this way enhances the appearance of the kitchen in an understated way to make it a place completely dedicated to conviviality.

Small wine cooler with integrated front ventilation as standard for easy installation and without additional cutting of kitchen furniture. Compact EuroCave

Also available in a large model to store up to 167 bottles, Compact integrates beautifuly with other kitchen furniture.


This model requires an opening to allow air to excape from the back.

Large built-in multi-temperature wine cooler with glass door and sliding wooden shelves with a large storage capacity for wine bottles. Compact EuroCave


Make way for modularity.

Combine the different shelves in your wine cabinet to suit your requirements: storage shelves for maximum capacity or sliding shelves for easier access to your bottles.

To display a few of your best bottles, opt for the display kit, combining storage and inclined bottle display, all on a sliding shelf.

8-bottle sliding shelf with repositionable individual support for storing all shapes and sizes of bottles.


8 bottles or 6 champagne

Sturdy wooden storage rack for stacking up to 50 bottles of different sizes.


50 bottles

Sliding shelf for displaying wine bottles at the front and storage at the back.


9 bottles

Beautiful highlighting of wine bottles thanks to the amber lighting which diffuses a warm atmosphere in your kitchen. Compact EuroCave


Your wine's best friend.

Compact 1-temperature.

This model can be set from 5-20°C / 41-68°F. Compact recreates the exact same conditions found in a natural cellar to mature your wines in the best possible conditions: controlled temperature , suitable humidity thanks the walls in embossed aluminium, constant ventilation, UV protection, extra protection from vibration owing to the actual design of the cabinet.

Compact multi-temperature.

The multi-temperature Compact model maintains your red, rosé and white wines at an ideal serving temperature, all inside one same cabinet.  

Temperature staggered from 5-22°C / 41-72°F covering up to 10 temperature zones. (5-12°C / 41-54°F for the bottom and 15-22°C / 59-72°F for the top).

Range of compact built-in wine cabinets, small and large, service cooler or aging cabinet, choice of door: glazed or technical opaque. Compact EuroCave

Because choice is a luxury.

For all cabinets in the Inspiration collection, it is possible to choose the size and door finish. With a high degree of customization possible, Inspiration also allows you to select and position the racking inside the cabinet according to your requirements. 


Peace of mind.

The display of the actual temperature and humidity inside your cabinet, together with 5 visual alarms, are there to warn you if something is not right. 

Controlled temperaturecontrolled humidityUV-screened doorsensor fault alarmtemperature alarmopen door alarmcharchoal filter alarmhumidity level alarm41dB noise emissionwintering functionlockflush-fittingindividual bottle support



Go one step further.

Raise your expectations.

Discover Inspiration, our other flush-fitting wine cabinet collection.

Wine wall with four large integrated wine coolers - Scenography of the wine offer in a design restaurant. Inspiration EuroCave

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