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How to ensure optimal humidity for your wine?

Control humidity for effective wine storage in a wine cellar or a wine cabinet.

Humidity is one of the essential criteria for maturing wine. When storing your wine, whether in a wine cabinet or underground cellar, it is essential to always keep an eye on humidity levels, as an optimal temperature alone is not sufficient.

What humidity level to store my wine?

This percentage of humidity present in the air must be around 70%. Just like temperature, humidity must remain as stable as possible in order to mature your bottles in optimal conditions.

Below this level, the corks dry out, retract and no longer correctly seal the bottle, allowing oxygen to enter and causing wine to seep out.

If the humidity level goes above 80 %, it will be too damp, causing the bottle labels to peel off and mould to develop on the corks and labels.

Our advice for adjusting humidity levels in a natural wine cellar.

This criterion is essentia for optimal wine storage.  However, it is often difficult to manage in a natural cellar. Here is our advice for adjusting humidity in a wine cellar: 

If your cellar's floor is not made of beaten earth, you must add gravel, which will need to be regularly sprinkled with water (ensure that humidity does not exceed 80 %).

Another option is the Inoa wine cellar conditioner by EuroCave, which allows you to create optimal conditions for maturing your wine by stabilising and maintaining temperature and humidity in your wine cellar.

Humidity in a wine cabinet.

EuroCave's solution: in EuroCave wine cabinets, the humidity preservation system, combined with aluminium walls and the humidity cartridge containing clay balls, guarantee ideal humidity levels. A probe measures the rate and allows you to benefit from the hygrometry display and an alert system if necessary. In addition, the constant circulation of a flow of air, purified by an active carbon filter, helps prevent the development of mould and bacteria.

If, in spite of this, the wine cabinet's humidity levels are not sufficient, it is possible to add a humidity cartridge or a Hygro + kit in clay. This helps to raise the humidity level in the wine cooler or maturing cabinet.

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