Step-by-step video DIY household appliance installation guide to attach the front to a built-in wine cooler in the kitchen.




Installation guide

How to fix a front panel on my built-in wine cabinet?




Installation guide on how how to affix an custom panel to the technical door of your cabinet from the Compact collection.

What electrical appliances to choose during a fitted kitchen project? For the wine lover, it will obviously be a built-in wine cooler. For a discreet integration, it will be associated with a decorative panel identical to the other elements of the kitchen.

Our Compact wine cabinet collection ideally meets space-saving requirements, since it is able to be fitted under a work surface or in a column unit.

Able to be flush-fitted, cabinets in the Compact range fit perfectly into the kitchen, since their dimensions are determined by kitchen designers.

To achieve optimal uniformity of all the units in the kitchen, this range allows you to fit, on the technical door of the cabinet, a front panel identical to the other units in your kitchen.


Available in:
- 2 sizes
- 2 functions: wine serving and wine maturing

Follow the guide.

Step by step.

Préparation des différentes pièces.

Alignement du panneau décor sur la porte technique.

Pré-perçage du panneau décor.

Fixation de la poignée sur le panneau décor.

Perçage du panneau décor sur la porte technique.

Our advices.

Have to hand all the tools you need.

Ensure that you have available a sufficiently large, flat work surface.

Enhancing living areas from the kitchen to the living room.

Able to be flush fitted, enclosed or built-in, wine cabinets can meet any layout and space constraint requirements, in perfect harmony with your interior.

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