In the wine cellar at COYA

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In the wine cellar at COYA - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Wildly successful Peruvian-inspired COYA Dubai takes its offerings to another level, boasting an impressive wine collection that surpasses 3,500 bottles.

COYA Dubai’s wine collection is not merely a display of bottles; it's a testament to curation, a celebration of diverse flavors, and a journey through the world of wines that transcends borders and palates.

It’s time to uncork the details with the head sommelier, Mr. Volodymyr Gunin. After initially pursuing a career in law, Mr. Gunin’s interest in wine developed into a surprise career.

In the wine cellar at COYA - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Varietals and Styles: Unveiling the Essence

The beverage team is responsible for curating this extensive collection and leans towards wines that “showcase personality” and harmonize seamlessly with the diverse Latin dishes offered across the COYA menu. Less intervention in the winemaking process is preferred, steering away from overworked and over-matured oak-aged varieties. Instead, the collection focuses on more terroir-driven wines, capturing the essence of the land and the grapes.

The Dance of References: A Constant Rhythm

The number of references in COYA’s cellar is in perpetual movement but currently stands around 650. The ever-changing nature of the menu and the diverse demographic of diners that make up the Dubai culinary scene demand a dynamic and precise selection of wines. As the culinary offerings evolve, so does the wine list. The criteria are clear: the wine must possess a distinctive varietal character, align with the flavor profiles, and embody a sense of place, emphasizing the importance of terroir.

Influences from the Kitchen: A Symbiotic Relationship

Chef Marques Tone works within the global COYA team to keep the menu updated, and this Peruvian-influenced cuisine is a guiding force shaping the wine list at COYA. This symbiotic relationship ensures that each dish finds its perfect wine pairing, elevating the overall dining experience. With a focus on seafood, signature dishes include a number of traditional ceviches, dishes fired over a charcoal grill, and two styles of degustations featuring some of the best of the a la carte menu. A selection of current seasonal dishes incorporates wagyu beef tartare, served with potato crisp and oscietra caviar, a unique kale salad, and quinotto de cebada perlada with pumpkin.

Global Favorites: From Burgundy to Mendoza

COYA’s wine selection spans the globe, but some regions and winemakers hold a special place in the team’s hearts. Burgundy in France, Chablis, Mendoza in Argentina, and Ribera del Duero in Spain are among the regions cherished for restaurants. Winemakers like Bollinger, Domaine Olivier Leflaive, and Catena Zapata — to name a few — are celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the world of wine.

The Exceptional Few: Most Expensive, Rarest, Most Atypical

Within the extensive collection, a few bottles stand out. The 2005 Dom Pérignon Brut Rosé Jéroboam 3L claims the title of the most expensive, while the Bandol 2001 Château de Pibarnon and Saint-Émilion 2005 Château Figeac proudly hold the status of the rarest. The most recent addition, the Screaming Eagle 2012, makes its mark, and the atypical Ochota Barrel from Australia’s Adelaide Hills adds a unique touch to the collection. COYA’s cellar boasts a temperature-controlled room with three EuroCave V-Pure fridges dedicated to these fine wines and displays. This meticulous attention to storage conditions ensures that each bottle retains its quality and character, awaiting the moment it’s chosen to grace the table.


Restaurant Village Four Seasons Resort - Jumeirah Beach Rd - Jumeirah 2
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Article - Courtney Brandt

Courtney Brandt is an author and journalist living in Dubai, UAE. Her work has been published in Vogue Arabia, Destinations of the World, Forbes Middle East, Elite Daily, The Forward Feed, and Food&Wine, among many other publications.

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