The 10 Rieslings I cherish.

by Willi Schlögl (Freundschaft, Berlin)

Ten years ago, the Austrian sommelier established his first business, the Cordobar, by dipping into his personal wine cellar to put together a list of 700 wines, turning it into a Berlin hot spot.  Since then, the Cordobar has been superseded by the Cordo, a gastronomic restaurant (which was awarded a Michelin star in 2022), and Willi Schlögl left to open a new wine bar – the Freundschaft – in the city’s student district of Mitte.  

The project was rolled out in tandem with his Austrian friend Johannes Schellhorn (former sommelier at Nobelhart & Schmutzig*), who joined the venture. Befittingly, Freundschaft means ‘friendship’ in German.  


The spirit is mirrored in the 26-metre-long oak bar where patrons from all walks of life mingle. 


The wine list is over 60 pages long with half of the wines hailing from Germany and Austria. In fact, the Freundschaft is brimming with wines made from Riesling, the northerly grape variety that epitomises the German wine regions. So we thought Willi Schlögl would be the ideal sommelier to put together the following list, mixing dry and sweet Rieslings.  


Rheinhessen (Germany)

Klaus Peter Keller, "G-Max", 2004


Rheinhessen (Germany)

Wittmann, "Morstein", 2010


Wachau (Austria)

Alzinger, "Hollerin", 1993


Mosel (Germany)

JJ.Prüm, "Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese", 1996


Mosel (Germany)

Ernst Loosen, "Erdener Prälat Auslese", 1993


Mosel (Germany)

Julian Haart, "Schubertslay Kabinett", 2017


Nahe (Germany)

Schäfer-Fröhlich, "Felseneck", 2019


Rheingau (Germany)

Breuer, "Schlossberg", 2019


Nahe (Germany)

Diel, "Goldloch Kabinett", 2019


Wachau (Austria)

Knoll, "Schütt", 1993


Mittelstraße 1, 10117 Berlin (Germany)

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