Wine Bar 8.0 & 2.0






Bottle wine bar: temperature control and preservation of opened bottles.

Retaining the tradition of serving wine at the table. Additional turnover, wine listing upgrade, your Wine Bar becomes a source of revenue.


Brings wine to serving temperature

Open bottles preserved (vacuum system)


Wine Bar 2.0
2 bottles 

Wine Bar 8.0
8 bottles 


Burgundy Wine and Vine University





Enhances serving.

Our solution of wine by the glass allows you to store open bottles without impairing their sensory qualities. Thanks to its preservation system with vacuum sealing, your wine is protected from oxidation for up to 10 days* after opening.

Thanks to its 2 separate compartments, your white and red wines are ready for serving.


*Depending on the type of wine and its vintage


Wine list attractively displayed.

Highlight the suggestion before serving the wine at the customer's table.

Wine Bar effectively displays your wine by the glass list thanks to its elegant glass doors and multicolour LED lighting.


Go one step further.


Wine Bar 8.0

Generate interest.

- 2 separate temperature compartments which can be set independently from 6-18°C / 43-65°F,

- 8 bottles for serving and 6 backup bottles,

- Vacuum sealing system,

- Can be flush-fitting or free-standing.

Wine Bar 2.0

Minimum size, maximum performance.

- 2 separate temperature compartments pre-set at 8°C / 46°F  or 16°C / 61°F,

- 2 bottles for serving at the right temperature,

- Vacuum sealing system,

- Can be flush-fitting or free-standing.


Return on investment.

Let's simulate together the profitability of the wine by the glass service: upgrading of references, additional turnover...

Wine dispenser with measures.

Vin au Verre 8.0 for an efficient & well managed wine by the glass service .

Additional information.

The efficiency of ACTIV PROTECT vacuum system, patented by EuroCave, has been scientifically proven by the Burgundy Wine and Vine University.


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