Modern wine cellar layout. Create a professional tasting area in your store to let your customers taste your wines. eurocave wine and air conditioning storage solutions

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Custom wine cellar design






Creating an exceptional wine cellar.

The cellar layout and conditioner line typifies EuroCave’s unique expertise and turns your home into the last word in interior design.









Unique designs.







Successfully creating a wine storage area under a staircase or in a dedicated room is achieved by furniture specifically designed to accomodate wine.

Each EuroCave wine cellar project is designed according to the type of space, its configuration and its function to meet your requirements in a personalised way.

What if we created together the wine cellar of your dreams?

Type of storage, choice of materials, lighting effects, air-conditioning...
Allow us to create a wine cellar you could only have dreamed of.


The art of displaying your wine


For wine enthusiasts collecting wine, the ideal is to own a wine library, as they have in the best restaurants.

Modulo-x is fully customizable in terms of storage and their layout. Backlighting fitted over the entire height of the installation and a cleverly designed bottle presentation, Modulo-X is designed to effectively display your wine.

Modulo-X allows all layouts, fastened to walls or ceilings, up to 3.40m!

Preserve your wines with authenticity


Modulothèque, the unit in solid oak, offers endless layout possibilities and adapts to the space constraints of the room: low ceiling, corner of a room, vaulted ceiling, sloping ceiling, pillar.

Customize the storage organisation of your wine cellar with the many shelves, displays and bottle compartments available.

Industrial style


Endlessly customizable and adaptable, Modulosteel is made up of independent steel modules which fasten to each other.

Storage, inclined bottle display, storage of wine cases... the choice is yours.

Store wine in its original wood case


Benefit from simplified access to your bottles stored in their original case.

A Modulorack shelf consists of 2 sliding shelves. Each tray stores a wine case directly and follows its dimensions.  

Several Moduloracks can be joined together to increase storage capacity.

Several factors must be considered when fitting out a wine cellar, in order to allow your wine to develop in the best possible conditions. Humidity and a constant temperature are essential elements for effective wine maturing.

Single-piece cellar conditioner


Our air conditioners transform each well-insulated room into a real space dedicated to wine. Renewing the air, stabilising the room temperature and humidity levels, cellar conditioners play a vital role.

Water-cooled split cellar conditioners


The ideal solution for small wine tasting areas from 2m3. The water-cooled split technology allows you to easily fit the Tahoma conditioner inside custom-made cabinets or windows, without having to use an approved refrigerationist.

Go one step further.

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For a personalised accompaniment.

Our brand ambassadors support you from the study of your layout drawings to advice about your thermal study.

3D Planner©

3D planning with realistic rendering.

Trust us to accurately model your project, allowing you to create it with complete confidence.

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Discover the profiles of creative and influential personalities explaining their relationship with wine, the secrets of sommeliers or legendary establishments.

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